Annual EXPAND Conference and Awards Dinner

Date: Wednesday 30 September
Location: Hotel Realm

“Getting to Yes!”

It is not always easy to ask for approval to attend training courses or conferences, especially in the budget conscious environment we are currently in. To assist you in seeking approval from your Executive for the EXPAND conference we have created a template for you to attach along with the details for the conference and awards dinner.

Some tips for your sales pitch!
  • Professional learning and development is important to build on your skills, knowledge and experience
  • Provide your executive with details on what plans you have made to ensure the office runs smoothly while you are away and what the return on investment will be for them
  • What can you take back to the office and provide them with an update when you return so they can see benefit
  • Share what you will have learned upon returning with the other EAs in your department and Cc your Executive
  • Emphasise the importance of networking and learning with your peers and EAs from other departments in the APS