Date : February 2016

It is with great regret that the Executive Committee of Expand wishes to inform you that as of today it is the intention of the Executive Committee on the advice of the Chair and Treasurer of Expand Incorporated to discontinue trading of Expand.

Expand has unfortunately reached a position where ongoing commitments for the financial year exceed funds available. As a result, we have sought financial and legal advice and confirmed that we cannot continue to trade given our financial position.

Expand relies on income from the delivery of training/learning opportunities to continue to remain viable. Without an immediate injection of funds through sponsorship (approximately $40,000.00) Expand cannot commit to the delivery of learning opportunities.

I would like to personally thank each and every member for their continued support over many years. Expand was able to provide some great learning opportunities for executive support staff and a wonderful platform for recognition of the role.

Finally, I would like to thank the Executive Committee past and present for their dedication and hard work delivering opportunities to members over the past 22 years.

Thank you,
Fiona Hess